Unlimited SWF, Flash to EXE
This free app allows you to convert any flash SWF file to EXE(standalone flash projector) file immediately in your browser. The standalone flash projector has the Flash Player embedded in the EXE file which means that you should be able to watch a SWF game, movie even if you don't have the flash player installed.
If you have ever wanted a SWF file to be converted to an EXE file, this is the perfect swf-to-exe converter app available. Very user friendly and converts very well.
This converter app does not save or share the file you select. It only works locally without going through the server. You can convert files immediately and real-time.
You can open a SWF file form local computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.
You can convert up to 10 files at a time.
1. Select a Flash Projector file
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Projector file manual download URL  Adobe Flash Player Support Center, Older Versions
2. Select SWF files
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